Standards Sinfònics

David Pastor

Educational Project for Symphonic Bands with closing concert.

This Project is intended for professional and amateur Symphonic Bands. It brings the language of Jazz and a new repertoire closer to symphonic formations.

About the educational project for Symphonic Bands

An educational program designed especially for symphonic bands, focused on renewing their musical repertoire, improving their sound and delving into the language of Jazz and modern music.

About the concert and the repertoire

The repertoire is made up of classical jazz standards and themes; as well as a selection of symphonic jazz classics arranged exclusively for the symphonic band.

Who can hire Standards Sinfònics?

All kinds of Municipal symphonic bands, professionals and amateurs. Also municipalities and auditoriums.

About the team and operation of Standars Sinfònics

It consists of workshops that combine training and testing. The duration depends on the characteristics of the band - whether it is professional or amateur.

The Team

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    Orchestra director He is the musical director of the project. It is in charge of the first educational part of the project that consists of introducing and rehearsing the symphonic concert repertoire. Miguel Á. Navarro

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    Trumpeter Lead Soloist Once the repertoire has been rehearsed and along with a rhythmic base David Pasor explains all kinds of articulations of the language and this is complemented by an additional MasterClass for the entire Symphonic Band. David Pastor

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    The rhythmic base consists of piano, double bass (or electric bass) and drums.Rhythmic Base

These are some of the symphonic bands that have already participated in Standards Sinfónics

  • Greece
    Symphonic Band of the Society Philarmonic Orchestra of Municipality of Thessaloniky
  • Maästrich, The Netherlands
    Harmonieorkest De Volksgalm
  • Spain
    Municipal Symphonic Band of Valencia.



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